The Agony and Ecstasy Of A Bleeding Edge BMC bikes Commute

This is a romantic tale and a useful example of my first bike drive on my new super-light collapsing bike.

Any reasonable person would agree I have a difficult bike drive: 41 miles every way; 7 miles of water to cross every way; and 300 meters of vertical to get returning. Given all that, I influence public travel everything I can to guarantee I do not go through 4+ hours daily driving. That implies heading toward San Francisco on BART (Bay Area Public Transportation) and down the landmass on CalTrain or down the East Bay on BART and across the Dumbarton Bridge on transport. The primary choice was ideal on the grounds that the CalTrain framework on the landmass has devoted bike vehicles. No other framework in the Bay region does.

BMC bikes

The Challenge

In that lies the issue. No open travel, aside from CalTrain, is extremely enthused about seeing cyclists around busy time. BART through and through boycotts them for every one of the two busy time frames.

The Initial Solution

Rather than intersection the sound and afterward making a beeline for work, I would head down and afterward cross the inlet. I would take BART south to Union City and either cycle or transport across the Dumbarton Bridge.

A few Bridges Like Bikes

I was shocked and intrigued to track down that the Dumbarton is the one transbay connect that has a bicycle/walker path right across. A gladdening truth notwithstanding the new Bay Bridge reproduction’s new bicycle/person on foot connect from Oakland to Treasure Island, however not past (otherwise known as a extension to no place).

In any case, for the initial not many long stretches of April, this arrangement turned out great. On the off chance that I started off early enough, I would BART down and cycle across the Dumbarton. The entire excursion required an hour and a half, yet who’s checking when this incorporates an exercise?

Some Buses Like Bikes

At whatever point I woke up late, I would transport across with my bike in a transport rack, and the entire excursion required 70 minutes.

Neither one of the BMC bikes choices was super-quick, however considering that a gridlock could make a vehicle trip most recent an hour and a half or more, nor was not awful. Also, one could occupy the entire time with web-surfing or perusing, rather than driving.