Most effective method to Decorate Flower Pots

Add tone to your nursery, patio or indoor space with basic window box makes. Window boxes are utilitarian fresh starts, empowering a wide scope of imagination. You can paint, decoupage, stamp and decorate as a feature of your blossoms pot makes. Concoct your own vase create projects with these thoughts.

Instructions to Decorate Clay Pots by Heidi Birchers and Tiffany Windsor


Subsequent to buying a vase, sand the pot down prior to painting. You ought to likewise seal within the window box with oil-based polyurethane to shield your painted plan from water infiltration. On the off chance that you are painting pots for open air position, utilize a paint explicitly intended for open air use. Deco Art Patio Paint is water and climate safe and ads well to evolving temperatures. Open air paints likewise mean your pot will be not difficult to clean.

Have a go at painting areas of the pot in various tones. Use painter’s tape to separate the top lip of the pot and paint an organizing tone. Or then again, make a few groups around the vase with the painter’s tape and make stripes on your window box.

Brilliant tones function admirably in gardens. To choose a shading plan, take a gander at plan or art assets on colors like Paper Crafter’s Color Companion by C&T Publishing. Paint a few layers of each tone on your pot. To add a plan to your pot, paint the foundation a decent, muffled shading like light yellow.

Use stencils to paint words or shapes onto your Boompje in pot. You can likewise utilize this method to name the substance of the window boxes gorgeously, for example, Basil or Chives. Use a wipe to paint your vases. Paint all over in a couple of tones, or make eruptions of shadings with a round wipe that look a lot of like blossoms. You can likewise cut a typical kitchen wipe into a shape such a heart or star.


Remove words and pictures from scrapbook papers, magazines and even garbage mail to decoupage your pot. Make a topic by choosing comparative words or pictures, for instance spring. Tissue paper is an extraordinary material to decoupage pots. You can involve one tone or an assortment of planning tones for a fun, hazy look. Crease the tissue paper in your grasp and attack pieces. Utilize a froth brush to apply decoupage stick like Mod Podgy to your pot. Smooth tissue paper pieces over pot in an arbitrary example. Cover with one more layer of decoupage stick.

For the sake of entertainment, add a coat or accents of sparkle or shimmer, for example, with Tulip 3D Sparkle Paint. For outside arrangement, you should cover your decoupage work with a layer of UV-safe acrylic covering, similar to those made by Ceylon.


Yarn – Wrap yarn or twine firmly around the lip of your pot, sticking as you go. Yarn-wrapping makes a fascinating finished look.