To What Extent Can a Mission Police Report Affect Your Car Accident Claim

While a police report isn’t always necessary in filing a strong car accident claim, the absence of one can definitely make your car accident claim more complex under certain circumstances.

In this article, we’ll help you understand why police reports are filed after a car accident, and how the absence of a police report can complicate your car accident claim.

However, if you need any more assistance in filing a police report or a personal injury claim after getting injured in a car accident in Miami, you can hire a personal injury lawyer for the task.

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Why Filing a Police Report is Important?

You should call the police right after getting involved in a car accident. They will arrive at the scene, look at the health of everyone involved, and call any more first responders (like paramedics and fire department) of necessary.

An investigation will also be launched by the police. They will figure out what caused the accident to happen, and who is at fault. The police will also interview any eye witnesses, look at the CCTV footage (if any) and analyze other factors before reaching a conclusion.

The police report complied after all these steps can serve as the official report of the crash, and can be accessed by both the involved parties, and the court of needed. So, this is clearly understandable how a police report can help your personal injury case.

But Can I File a Claim Without a Police Report?

Yes, you can file a claim without a police report. But some insurance companies require a police report from you if you want to file a claim. But you should still file the claim even if it isn’t required by the insurance company.