Learn The Fundamentals of Yoga If You Want to Reap Full Benefits of It

Yoga has been around since the earliest of times and people have been using it as an amazing meditation routine all over the world, the origin of yoga is still debated as to where it came from but different subclasses of yoga are clearly inherited from some specific parts of the world and are still practiced and preached like religion in many parts of the world, however the yoga we do today is a combination of different poses and methods and it is a beautiful culmination of different cultures meeting together, this includes so many different forms of yoga and the best practitioners have put together different sets of poses which is helpful for everyone.

Marianne Wells Yoga School

People across the globe have their own reasons to perform yoga and you might have your own, you can either be an enthusiast or be someone like me who was looking for answers, deteriorating health and mental stress leads us to different situations and there aren’t many therapies around which heal us completely, yoga however gives us the spirituality, discipline, mental toughness and physical wealth as well which makes it a complete package, I have experienced great mental stability just after a few sessions and from then on yoga became an essential part of my routine, and you know what, the best way you can enjoy yoga is through a retreat, cut yourself loose from all ties and meditate in a beautiful, natural environment and let it all out, that is what yoga retreat is all about

Now my tribute and respect to yoga will not be complete without paying my respects to the yoga school which has changed my perception regarding group yoga and yoga retreats, Marianne Wells Yoga School is the one which did and Marianne will surely take your yoga to another level.