How Is Confinement Meal Delivery Done?

How Is Confinement Meal Delivery Done?

The delivery of the confinement meal is done with proper care. Every service takes pride in working with all the mothers. It is the responsibility of the dedicated team to see if confinement meal delivery is done properly. They take care that the meal is prepared properly from the fresh products in the kitchen.The menu is wholesome and consists of various categories so that the mother can choose and opt for it accordingly.

Where such deliveries are done?

The preparation and confinement meal delivery is done freshly every single day. The food is also delivered on public holidays and even on Sundays. So that the health of mothers can’t be compensated at any cost. Two different kinds of meals are prepared for both lunches as well as dinner.Confinement Meal

Both meals at lunch are properly reheated and delivered by the caterers. Lunch is delivered from 10 am to 7 pm and dinner is delivered from 7 pm to 11 pm. They also take orders with specific guidelines and prepare them accordingly.

How is the food packed?

The confinement food is properly packed into thermal bags so that freshly cooked meals can be enjoyed by mothers. The food is also heated so that it would feel like it has been taken from the stove directly. While the items included in the menu might be subjected to availability as well as seasonality. The assurance that the food won’t be compensated in terms of nutrition is assured. No kind of beef request is undertaken.